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Karim Akerma began to exist in corpore matris when his fetal brain produced primitive consciousness for the first time. He was born in Hamburg in 1965 where he studied philosophy, history and literature. In addition to a number of articles, he is also the author of a series of books on antinatalism. In 1997 Karim Akerma defended his postgraduate thesis for professorship at Hamburg University which was entitled: ‘Verebben der Menschheit? Neganthropy und Anthropodizee’ (‘Ebbing away of mankind? Neganthropy and anthropodicy’ (2000)) His thesis was rejected in a narrow decision due to his antinatalism.

In his book ‘Lebensende und Lebensbeginn’ (The beginning and the end of a life (2006)) Karim Akerma defends a mental view on the beginning and the end of a life. According to this view, a new life begins when an entity gains consciousness whereas a life ends when an entity has irreversibly ceased to produce consciousness.

Karim Akerma makes a living as a professional translator, lives a vegan lifestyle in order to diminish animal and human suffering and is a singer-songwriter to help spread the message.

Having published a series of texts on antinatalism mainly in German (starting with ‘Soll eine Menschheit sein?/Should mankind exist?’ [published in 1995]) I will present here some topics in English as well.

Karim Akerma

2 2 7 6 1 Hamburg

a  k  e  r m a  @  gmx.net





5 thoughts on “About this website

  1. Thank you for making your thoughts available to us non-intellectuals as well.

    • Thank you for your comment. Some of my texts might be difficult to read. But then my blog offers hundreds of entries less difficult than those few which perhaps are no easy read.

      • Knowing well that writing for academia has an established and expected style and readership one often has to meet the expectations. If indeed your writings fall into two levels or categories of difficulty to read and comprehend I would make a modest proposal that you consider there is another less erudite audience out here in the wilderness for your thoughts, ideas and ultimately your work. I am neither a scholar nor an intellectual but found at least 80% of the pieces listed on your website to be highly comprehendible, well written, carefully considered, highly interesting and to the point. Getting that segment of your work before the great unwashed could have a significant impact in your goal to spread awareness of the growing world need for antinatilism. But I have no great ideas of how to do that. We need to somehow get you interviewed on the popular media (Internet and NPR/BBC etc.) to stir the pot a bit more. It is not the intellectuals that need to limit their population it is all the rest of us who tend not to not listen to intellectuals.

      • Hello Jack,
        Unfortunately, antinatalists are often seen as criminals of the mind. States, and therefore state media, are inherently pronatalist. Perhaps antinatalists are allowed to appear in the state media as a curiosity this or that time. Of course, I would not mind appearing as such a curiosity.

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