Axiopath (by derivation from Axiology: Doctrine of Values)

A psychopath is someone with an abnormal emotional world. An “axiopath”*, by analogy, would be someone who tends to insist upon the existence, the assertion and the real implementation of values – refusing to conceive of the nonetheless conceivable possibility of a willed “ebbing away of humanity” – even if this assertion and implementation prove to be bound up with high costs in suffering for human beings. In the “worst-case scenario”, such an axiopath remains convinced of the “value of values” and of their real implementation even when this real implementation proves to be bound up with so many negative consequences (human costs) that it becomes questionable whether anything at all of the values originally pursued survives.  



The unwritten history of the conscious efforts of thinkers to maintain, or to assert and implement, values while screening out of their consciousnesses all the terrible costs in human and other suffering which go necessarily hand in hand with such assertion and implementation of values.  



A term descriptive of everything which (explicitly or implicitly) praises or demands the assertion and implementation of values even at high costs in terms of human suffering.

*Term coined by Guido Kohlbecher

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