Annaba (alias Philippe Belotte, *1944) and his ANTIPROCREATIONISM

Already in 2008 the French journalist and author Annaba could look back on a forty-year career as an antinatalist thinker:

“For forty years now you’ve been laughing me to scorn / Over my antinatalist imprecations.“[1]

Like Kurnig before him, Annaba does not speak of “antinatalism” – which was to emerge as a philosophical notion only later by separating off from the “antinatalism” current in the theory of population – but rather uses the concept “antiprocreationism”.

The earliest of Annaba’s “imprecations upon procreation” that remain accessible to us are to be found in his “Cris, sans titre, sans musique, sans rien…” from the year 1973, from which we quote the following passages:

“Oh would that Humanity rebelled / Against the procreators!… / Instead, however / Humanity chooses to protect and cultivate / The crime of procreation!… / They speak of love / But it is the drive to procreate that speaks.“ (Annaba, CRIS, SANS TITRE, SANS MUSIQUE, SANS RIEN…9

In the following passage Annaba clearly states the shared complicity of all those who procreate in the perpetuation of suffering and misery:

“Only the person who procreates is responsible / for themselves / for society, / for Humanity and its crimes…“ 

[1] „Depuis quarante ans vous vous gaussez / De mes imprécations antiprocréationnistes.“ (Philippe Annaba, Proférations gnostiques)

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