New book on antinatalism (published on 15 February 2017)

ANTINATALISM. A Manual (German title: Antinatalismus. Ein Handbuch, 736 pages). My book discusses and documents insights into man’s not being obliged to exist and to procreate as a gain in freedom against bio-social defaults. The book pursues the ethical purpose of making readers willing to procreate change their mind. Readers critical towards procreation will be corroborated in their antinatalist attitude. In order to do this the manual makes use of a wealth of arguments, neologisms and statements on natality from thousands of years. Even though many of these statements may belong, as it were, only to the outskirts of antinatalism, they are still proof of the fact that man – as a cultural being – has always been able to take a critical stance against the bio-social radical of procreation.

Inasmuch as it advocates universal antinatalism the book also takes into account other sentient beings claiming: It is almost always better not to act in such a way that a sentient being begins to exist. This is where humanistic antinatalism and ethical vegetarianism meet.

The book is designed as a manual from A to Z. Feel free to have a look even if your German is only rudimentary since a digital translator available on the net will help you grasp the gist of every single alphabetic entry. Just click on the following LINK and go to the preview (VORSCHAU in German) were you will be provided with the FOREWORD, CONTENTS, INTRODUCTION and all entries in alphabetic order from A to E:

Antinatalism. A Manual

The book is written in German and is available as an e-book and as hard copy.