The Compensating Self

The compensating self underwent a series of attacks:

Along with waning faith came the dismantling of paradise. A future void of paradise means there’ll be no afterlife compensation for yesterday’s and today’s grievances, and perhaps no remuneration for ethically good deeds.

The next trauma for the compensating self was the dismantling of history: With the shipwreck of the Russian and the Chinese Revolution, at the latest, it became clear to the compensating self that there would be no better future for all.

Hereupon the compensating self restricted itself to its own children saying: ‘My children and grandchildren will lead a better life!’ We all know that this is a rather ambitious projection against the backdrop of global warming not to mention dwindling resources such as arable land.

Today the compensating self is depleted and exhausted. But it carries on with its business even though – because of its emptiness – it has become ruinous.

In order to propagate non-propagation antinatalists may want to point out the nowadays ruinous character of the compensating self.

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