Never to have been (song)

Never been listening to an antinatalistic song? They are probably few and far between. Should you ever listen to my antinatalistic song please use headphones. I am a one-man band, recorded it today without having too much time and I apologise for the many flaws of which I’m well aware. But we have to spread the message: propagation of non-propagation. If you like it I will improve it at some point in time. The lyrics are as follows:

Never to have been hadn’t hurt                 Once caused to exist you are stuck inside


A world of wonder and of dirt                  Beauty doesn’t compensate for it


See the flowers in the mud                       Supposed to bring joy into someone’s life


Never act in such a way                              That somebody dies as a consequence


This will happen by the way                       Should ever you decide to procreate




Today a dancer, tomorrow comes cancer            Your children see you perish and die


Never to have been hadn’t hurt                                 We don’t pre-exist and wait in line

In order to come to the earth                                   transitions from limbo into life


Procreation means to prolong                                  An unfolding story of self-deceit


Nobody wanted to exist                                             Once you are there you’ve got to stick to it


Yesterday’s dancer, today has cancer                   Sees his children come and stand by


You told your children you would care                  But as of today you’re no longer there


Never to have been hadn’t hurt                                             All the flowers ending in the dirt

[Music and lyrics by Karim Akerma]

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